Tai Chi

T'ai Chi Ch'uan originated over a thousand years ago as a martial art by a Taoist priest in china. Its basic principle as a form of self defense is that strength is not as important as the proper application of force.

For hundreds of years, T'ai Chi Ch'uan was an elite form of self defense and meditation, taught only within the Chen family. T'ai Chi Ch'uan became available to more students when Yang Cheng Fu began teaching his family form. The Tung Family has continued this tradition for over three generations and it is from their lineage that our T'ai Chi form originates. Today, T'ai Chi Ch'uan is practiced daily by persons of all ages and backgrounds throughout the world.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a slow, graceful, rhythmic exercise which promotes good health and over time may be developed into a system of self defense. Thus, it is considered a moving meditation as well as a powerful martial art.

The practice of T'ai Chi Ch'uan restores the balance between the physical and mental. Performed with concentration and control, it can be a challenging discipline for persons of all ages. The repetition of the slow movements create habits of relaxation, while the gentle twisting enhances flexibility and improves circulation. This is particularly valuable as we grow older.

After performing T'ai Chi Ch'uan, one feels a sense of well-being, not fatigue. Regular practice will not only develop an agile and graceful body, but also an alert and serene mind.

Tai chi Master: Tai Chi teacher Mr Ang Babu Lama is a three times gold medalist internationally and 11 times nationally. He has been practicing Tai chi since 1997 with shifu Karma Lama. Presently He is working as a judge and coach for National Sports Council Nepal. All the Tai Chi Training courses are led by Mr. Ang Babu Lama and his qualified team.

Tai chi Course:

1.  Taichi basic and chi kung(Breathing  practice):  class duration 1 to 3 days
2.  Taichi 13 form(yang style) and Chi kung (Breathing practice): class duration 1 week ( 2 hours per day)
3.  Taichi 13 and 24 form (yang style) Chi kung (Breathing practice): class duration  1 month(2 hours per day)
 Taichi 13, 24, and 42 form(yang style) Chi kung (Breathing Practice) : class duration 2 months (3 hours per day)