About Yoga Retreat Nepal

The Yoga Retreat & Spa Centre in Kathmandu Valley

About us

Namaste and welcome to the new Nepal Yoga Retreat & Spa Centre in Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal Yoga retreat is a is a sanctuary tucked in the hills of the Kathmandu valley, surrounded by temples. A center where you will find, simple and wholesome organic food, Sanatam yoga, mantra singing, yoga philosophy explained and guided meditation.  It is a place that welcomes anyone seeking peace, quiet, solitude, healthy food, yoga training and instruction, piece of mind and inward perspective. It is not a social vacation hotspot or an entertainment center. Rather a place to calm the senses and to find ones own center. We try our best to suit everyone’s needs and be available and flexible in accommodating you, but we do ask one thing from our guest, come with an open mind and release all expectations. This is the one place in the world where you do not need to set standards and criteria, just be free, be true and, be yourself.

We offer a unique and superb combination of classical yoga programmes in a boutique eco-residential setting overlooking the pristine Sankhu Valley under the auspicious spiritual environs of Panchamahalaxmi Temple. The temple and retreat are part of Swami Kamalnayanacharya Shree Ji Maharaj's sphere of spiritual influence. He is the inheritor and leader of the Muktinath Temple lineage.

In coming here, you will experience improved health and well being under the guidance of Dr Chintamani Gautam, a highly regarded practitioner, guru and scholar of yoga. His hand picked team of yogis, therapists, guides and chefs will ensure your stay with us will be sublime, worthwhile, secure and memorable. In addition to yoga, we offer spa and naturopathic services which are independent of or integrated into yoga packages.

Situated within the extensive grounds of Panchamahalaxmi Temple at Sankhu just below Nagarkot, we hope you will find spiritual influence that will lead you towards self-realisation.

Newly designed and constructed in 2013, our facilities represent the peak of Nepal's yogic residential settings. Natural bamboo construction with landscaped gardens underneath a lush Himalayan forest will further enhance your yogic experience. Each room is furnished to a high standard and deluxe facilities are also available here.

We offer the novice or the seasoned yogi a range of programmes that will help you achieve your yogic goals and packages that will enlighten you about Nepalese spirituality and rural life. The yoga sala (hall) where our programmes take place is located in Panchamahalaxmi Temple and can fit more than 100 participants so there is plenty of room to stretch out.

Our dining hall will provide an organic, vegetarian, ayurvedic menu during your stay as part of our packages.

Please inspect our programmes and consider staying with us at the Himalayan home of yoga. We believe you will not be disappointed.