Classical Deluxe Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Enjoy Classical Deluxe Yoga Retreat in Nepal with yoga with chintamani

Classical Deluxe Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Take a journey to find your own inner peace; as this retreat will surely awaken the divine within you.

We invite you to the country of mountains and the birth place of Yoga - Nepal.

If you feel like you need to reconnect with your essential self and prioritize some “me time”, this retreat can be the best gift to you and loved ones.

The Himalayan Mountains and the energies around this place make it distinct and holistic for healing, exploration, adventure, and detoxification.

If you love the nature and want to take a few moments of life to be in the lap of Mother Nature, we can get you to the perfect present moment at Nepal Yoga Retreat.

Our Classical Deluxe Yoga Retreat package is specially designed for you to get a high value of relaxation and reflexion through the natural settings of our two physical locations, our various Ayurvedic treatments available, our three meals a day of organic food and the Pranayama, Yoga and Mediation sessions to experience a new level of your own Healing yogic journey.  

Whether an experienced practitioner, or someone looking to try Yoga for the first time we have

mindfully designed packages that will connect you to your real self and inner peace. The healing vibration of the Himalaya’s, our peaceful Natural settings, and our experienced Yogis and Sadhus, who have spent their life for self-realisation and enlightenment in Nepal, will truly assist you in finding the blissfulness in you.

There are many more reason to choose this place. The enriched culture, geographical diversity, bio diversity of plants, bugs and animals to experience, UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, beautiful Mountains, long and short trekking points, and yes, many adventurous activities are sure to take away your

“Atithi Devo Bhava” which means Guest is God is the Mantra which prevails here. The Welcoming nature of the retreat staff and members and their loving heart make this place a safe haven to reconnected with the one inside.

Our Classical Deluxe Retreat Package is designed to give you the true value for your findings of inner peace and self-time. We are just 2 hours away from the capital city Kathmandu which gives this place a good connectivity to the main city. Although we are surrounded by the nature and forest, the retreats proximity to the main city makes it an ideal place to relax.

In this package we have tried to provide you the best quality of stay, environment that supports your healing, well planned yoga and meditation classes which helps you to reconnect to your inner self, ayurvedic massage to pamper your body and the yogic food which really boost cells.

Rooms are well equipped with all the basic needs. We specially take care of the cleanliness and every room is garden facing which adds to the beauty. Here, mornings are special where you can gaze to the valley, sky and lots of beautiful birds which wake you up with their songs with hot cup of herbal teas.

Every morning ritual is so beautifully designed to give you the best experience. We start our day with Neti cleansing which is really fascinating to the guest. It is followed by the Pranayama, understanding the science of Breathing and how its help to connect your consciousness to the universe. And then, we do asana to discover and know our body more.

The teachers at Nepal yoga retreat are highly qualified in the field of yoga and every session is specially designed keeping in mind the different level of yoga practitioners.  We are open to discuss about any concern and problem you have in your personal life or regarding any topic because

we would love to share our views and give the best possible advice for your well-being.

Yogic diet is just not the food to the body but it is a medicine. The farm fresh food is mindfully prepared to give true nutrient to the body to revive more. However, it does tickle your taste buds as well.

Because the chefs here are very good at fusing modern food into yogic way, we serve our guests a variety of yogic cuisines.

We provide the traditional Ayurvedic massage and wooden steam bath to sooth your body and relaxing is in better way. It also helps in detoxify the cells of the body.

And on the free time you can have short hiking to the some of the famous UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES. There are many picnic spots like sunrise point, waterfall. In addition, although Nepal is a tiny nation, it is one of the most culturally rich country. You can know more about the Buddhism and Hinduism and experience unity in diversity. Every corner of the country resonates peace and tolerance. And while traversing through the lanes of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, you can pick some souvenir for the memories of Nepal.

But this is not the end. For those people who need some adrenaline kick, we have a lot of adventurous sports and spots here.

With the richness and diversity in culture and love in the air, we welcome you to rejuvenate and relax your body, mind, and soul.