Code of Conduct - Nepal Yoga Retreat

Nepal Yoga Retreat Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Nepal Yoga Retreat Centre

Conduct Policy

Guests and students come to our retreat to recharge, meditate, practice yoga, study, find peace and relax. In order to make the most of your stay we ask that you carefully read our conduct policy with the intention for all guests and students to have the most serene and tranquil experience at Nepal Yoga Retreat . We ask that everyone adheres to these guidelines with the utmost respect so that everyone finds what they are looking for. We wish you a pleasant stay.

All Guests:

  • Silent hours and locations Mornings are a special time and it is important to start the day right. Not all guests and students wake at the same time so we ask that you be mindful of the volume of your voice until breakfast time. Please do not bang doors and have phone conversations outside the rooms as some may be sleeping, meditating or reading.
    Same applies for afternoons as guests often enjoy naps or massages and when theory classes are in session.
    During meal times it is also highly advised to enjoy your meal in silence to fully appreciate and digest properly. Tea served afterwards is considered talk and discussion time

  • Laundry: Your clothes can be cleaned for you at an additional cost (please ask) or by yourself in the gazebo next to the kitchen where buckets are provided. We ask that you do not wash any clothes in the bathrooms as they are not designed for such use and can cause serious water damage.

  • Smoking, Alcohol and other prohibited items: In respect to the surroundings, to other guests and to yourself, under no circumstances is alcohol or smoking allowed on site. We also ask that strong chemicals and aerosols must not be used.

  • Meals: The retreat strives to provide organic and vegetarian/vegan meals as much as possible, but if you have special dietary needs please notify our staff in advance. We will try to accommodate your needs as best we can.

  • Use of Toilets: Toilet paper must be disposed in waste bins provided, do not flush it down. Try the hose; they are ecological, healthy and fun!

  • Payment conditions: We accept cash (or wire transfer) as we do not yet have means to accept credit card payment. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Dress Code We ask that you be respectfully toward Nepali culture, and yoga culture, and refrain from wearing revealing clothes.

  • Personal belongings:  Please be responsible for your own belongings, keep your door locked.

  • Yoga Class attendance: Guests are invited to attend yoga classes during morning and evening hours. Whether you attend the classes or decide not to, please refrain from loud conversation and comings and goings around the classroom.

  • Satsang: Occasionally or upon request, students and guests are welcome to participate in group chanting.

  • Electricity and water conservation: Please be mindful of the use of lights and water. If there is a power outage, make sure all switches are turned off.

  • Drinking water: Every guest will get a bottle of mineral water. Feel free to refill your bottle in the dining area.

  • Accessing the Panchamahalaxmi temple: If you go on hikes through the temple, be respectful to the monks. Temples are sacred places.

  • Safety and wildlife: Given the jungle surroundings, there are insects and mosquitoes all around, please try to use natural repellents such as citronella and lemongrass oil. Please do not bring DEET and if you go hiking in the countryside or in the jungle, bring water, hat, sunscreen, water proof gears, and proper shoes for slippery roads.

  • Spa services: We have a wonderful masseuse, depending on the package, some massages are included. For additional massage, there is an extra cost. Please speak to our staff for reservations and information.

  • Special Requests: If you need extra blankets, toilet paper, candles, mosquito plug-in refills, new towels, or wish to have your room cleaned, please let a member of staff know.

  • Damage of retreat property: We know that you will be respectful of the retreat premises, but sometimes accidents happen, depending of the situation, charges can be incurred.

  • Library: We have a library at your disposal, we trust you will enjoy and return the books as you found them. If you wish to borrow a book, to enjoy in your room, please check with a representative beforehand. Please respect this procedure as some books are not to leave the library at all (special books, books for students etc...)

    • Karma yoga: We really appreciate the practice of Karma Yoga in our retreat, any feedback, ideas or input are highly encouraged.

    • Sicknesses and injuries: If you suffer from any long-term or chronic injuries or diseases please inform us when making your reservation. During your stay, if you are feeling sick or have any injuries, please notify a member of staff.  The representatives of the retreat are here to help you and accommodate your needs.

All students are required to follow the Yamas & Niyamas (ethics and morals) according to the eight Limbs of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

  • Training expectations: Be active, be attentive, attend all sessions, learn given material, practice non-judgment, practice in your own time,

  • Setting you up for success: Let go of your expectations, don’t compete, be humble and learn from yourself, “remember a teacher exists in everything that you do, in every class you take and in every experience you have while completing the program.”

  • Class conduct: Be respectful, be on time, no conversations when class has started, use non-violent communication, avoid conflict.
    During theory class, in order to cover all material, please save your questions for end of lecture and write down your questions during self-study and submit them to your teacher.

Class attendance hours should be strictly respected. Please refrain from being late or leaving early as it disrupts other students practicing. If you cannot make a class or wish not to, please notify in advance.

  • Study time: Expect to study outside class after all you are your best teacher.

  • Phones and WiFi: In the interest of others and your own progress, phones are not permitted during class even on vibrate mode. We ask that phone calls are not to be made right outside the rooms, and refrain from loud conversations.

  • Respecting cultural differences: The retreat receives students from around the world with various intentions, be mindful of this diversity and take advantage to learn from others. Respect individuality and privacy, if door is closed be mindful that students can be practicing or studying, avoid disturbing unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • Fasting and silence: Throughout the program students are welcome to fast and practice silence, please be respectful and attentive to these practices.

  • Leisure time & Days off ( Massages, Hikings): Days off are determined by the teacher (Day offs are usually every Saturday, but expect changes from time to time).
    Students will get one day off a week from class. During that time you are free to do as you please. Some students take this time to discover the surrounding areas, study at the retreat in peace and calm or simply unwind with a massage; we ask that though you are off from class you respect your fellow students whether it is to socialize or to meditate.
    Students get one massage a week; however we ask that you try your best to coordinate it such that no more than 2 students request a massage on the same day.
    Please let somebody know if you are going on a hike and let them know when you approximately plan to return (for lunch or after etc…).
    If you wish to enjoy extra massages (at additional cost), please notify the centre representative who will be happy to arrange it for you.

  • Sicknesses and injuries: If you suffer from any long-term or chronic injuries or diseases please inform us when making your reservation. During your stay, if you are feeling sick or have any injuries, please notify a member of staff.  The representatives of the retreat are here to help you and accommodate your needs.