Continuing Education Programme

Continuing Education Programme

Continuing Education Programme

Continuing Education Programme

1. Mantra Yoga

Audience: General public with at least year of yoga practice experience or 200 hours teacher training certification.

Objectives: As the main tool of liberation is meditation, and meditation is related to the mind, unless mind is controlled, meditation is difficult or even impossible. Meditation first requirement is stable mind, meaning to focus on internal objectives. Mantra is the easy way to control the mind. So the course aims to provide the skills of mantra yoga.

Hours of course: 7 days (30 hours)


Introduction to mantra - 5 hours

Meaning of the mantra, tradition of the mantra, the types of mantras

Learning how to sing mantras – 7 hours

Different rhythm of the mantras, mantras related to the super consciousness, mantra related to the deities, mantras related to the gurus

How to pronounce the Sanskrit words correctly - 3 hours

The right pronunciation of the Sanskrit alphabet, words, words meaning,

Steps of the mantra yoga - 7 hours

Purification of the body and mind, pujja ( worshipping) , breathing, mudras bandhas, mantras.

Importance of mantra yoga – 3 hours

Practicum – 4 hours

Evaluation and assessment – 1 hour

2. Yoga Guru Training Course

Audience: Yoga teachers who have completed at least the 200 hours teacher training certification course, and at least 500 hours of teaching experience.

Objectives: The yoga has being created and so far existed due to the original relationship between guru and shishya (disciple). As the meaning of guru is (guru = Gu + Ru, Gu means darkness and Ru means remover) the remover/destroyer of one’s darkness/ignorance, then course aims to create traditional yogic qualities into the modern yoga teachers so they are able to transmit those qualities to the yoga learners.

Hours of course: 100 hours (20 days)


Prayer: Om chant, mantra chant with meaning – 5 hours

Yoga Practice – 40 hours

Introduction to Yoga Guru and Shishya – 5 hours

Relationship between Gugu and Shishya – 3 hours

Qualities of Yoga Guru – 4 hours

Yogic Routine – 3 hours

Yogic Ahar (food) – 3 hours

History of yoga, introduction to ancient great yogis ( lord Shiva, Patanjali rishi, gherand rishi) – 10 hours

Understanding the real source books of yoga, such as Upanishads, shyankhya darshan of Kapil rishi, Yoga Darshan of Patanjali Rishi , Gheran Samhita of Gheranda rishi, Hatha apradipika, Geeta Darshan of lord Krishna ,Shiva Samhita of lord Shiva. – 10 hours

Review different types of Yoga: Astanga yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga,Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga – 6 hours

Developing Skills for Yoguic Consultation – 5 hours

Practicum – 5 hours

Evaluation and Assessment – 1 hour