Frequently Asked Questions, Nepal Yoga Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions, Nepal Yoga Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Nepal Yoga Retreat

This the Frequently Asked Questions about Nepal yoga retreat and Spa center For all:


What is the registration process?
It’s simple! You (Package/Trainning) pay a $ 200 deposit to initiate your registration. (This deposit will be Non-refundable once registration is complete.) Upon initial registration (excluding Group Rentals and Personal Retreats, which must be booked in advance) Full payment is due at the time of completing your registration by reserving your accommodation. Or you can pay upon arrival also.

If you have questions concerning the registration process, feel free to contact-
Email at

Or call at
Tel: +977 98510 37083 (Mr. Mohan Lamsal),
Tel: +977 9841 245975 (Rajan)

Should I bring my own yoga mat?
We have plenty of mats, blankets, cushions and other supports, but we recommend you have your own mat for the duration of the training for hygiene reasons. If you want to reduce the weight of your luggage you can also purchase varieties of yoga mats from our retreat center.

Will I have free time?
Yes, you will have a full day free on Saturday and other days. There are also breaks built in for meals and between some classes. You can do some hike, volunteering in the village, organic farm visit or other activities while you are free.

Should I tip the staff?
Yes please! At the end of your retreat or training, we will put out a basket for all tips that the hardworking staff will share equally. If you have been happy with their service, we recommend tipping a minimum of $10 or more.

Do I need a visa?
To travel Nepal you will need visa. Either you can apply from your home country or you can get upon arrival. If you plan to get it upon arrival in Nepal please make USD 25 cash and 2 photos handy, this is for 15 days.

Do I need travel insurance?
We require all teacher training students to have travel insurance covering their trip to Nepal. Apart from checking for quotes online, you may also wish to check with your travel agent. If you are with a Credit Union in the UK they usually supply travel insurance at competitive rates for their clients. Whatever option you take please make sure to obtain travel insurance before you leave your home country and please provide us with a print out of your details upon arrival.

Are toiletry products easily available?
Local shops have a wide range of products available. Shower gels, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shavers etc are widely available and you should buy them here if you wish to save and travel light ( unless you ahev your particular brand). Any pharmaceutical items you may wish to buy are usually available here and about a third of the price. There are some great natural Ayurvedic products available too. However, we advise you to buy your sunscreen in your home country. Sunglasses in Nepal are not of a high standard unless you buy designer ones, so you should consider bringing a couple of pairs from home. May be good idea to visit some shops / ATms in Thamel or Bhaktapur area before you come to Nepal Yoga retreat center.

Are the any additional taxes or fees we must pay?
There are not additional taxes or fees. The fee stated on this website includes all lodging, meals and sessions.

Will you find a roommate for me if I come by myself?
Yes. Many people attend the retreats without a friend or partner.

Are the retreats suitable for beginners?
These retreats are suitable for anyone, regardless of age, physical ability or prior experience in yoga and meditation. Students come to these retreats for different reasons and with different backgrounds. The retreat experience is unique for everyone.

Can you accommodate a special diet?
Generally yes. The meals are vegetarian, and a variety of grains and vegetables here. Even can get Organic products from village and farm.

Especially for the student of YTT course -

How much experience do I need to join the YTT course?
We encourage students from all backgrounds with different levels of experience to join the course.

What style of yoga will I be learning?
Yoga is a vast subject area with many traditions and styles. Our program is based on a progressive learning approach designed to get trainees teaching safely and effectively in a relatively short period of time. Mostly we use the Ashtanga,Hatha,Vinyasa,Rajastyile of yoga during the course.

Will I get the opportunity to teach during the course?
After a 50% course trainees begin to group teach under the supervision of senior teachers and assistants. By the end of the course trainees have experience of a number of hours of small and whole group teaching with a corresponding increase in your self-confidence.

How many students are on the course?
We have a maximum of 10 students on teacher training course, Although our courses are in high demand we never take more than these numbers to ensure the highest quality training for our students.

What type of students attends the trainings?
Our students range in age from 18 to 65 and come from all over the world.

How do I secure my place on the YTT course?
Please complete the application form. Our team will process your application within three working days and we will notify you of the outcome by email. Please read our Terms & Conditions before submitting payment.