Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our Facilities



Hello and welcome to the Bamboo House at Nepal Yoga Academy. The Bamboo House accommodations are marked by a welcome sign off a winding mountain road a few minutes from the small town of Telkot. Please be aware that this beautiful accommodation is hidden from the road, so be on the lookout for the welcome sign.

The layout of the campus starts with the gate, leading to the reception office, followed by the rooms. Once through the gate, the friendly and approachable staff will be waiting to greet you at the reception office and show you to your cozy room.

View and Location


Bamboo House is situated in a great location with much to offer. As you are lead to your room you will notice the stunning view overlooking the valley below. The valley is filled with beautiful farmhouses and their fields, a small town, mountains on all sides, and a Hindu temple that graces the valley with their chants, bell ringing and prayers at all hours of the day. The campus is also situated in the perfect place to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset. Along with exploring the towns and temples, there are a number of hikes to other local holy sites, waterfalls, towns and gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. Additionally, local transportation can take you to anywhere from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur and even directly to the airport.

Room and Bathroom


Cottage Rooms - Each room has two single beds, a cabinet to hold your clothes, a night stand, a variety of lighting options to fit your needs, and a spacious bathroom. The bathroom has a western toilet, warm shower, a Nepal sized sink and mirror, and hooks to hold the provided towels and bath mats. The rooms are clean and just the right size for your stay. Guests are encouraged to keep their rooms tidy but cleaning services are available at any time.

Meditation Hut - We have small rooms with only single bed and share a bathroom outside for those that want to stay individually available at an affordable rate.


Yoga studio

Yoga Studio

After the rooms you will find the yoga studio. It is an octagon shaped building set up specifically for yoga. It is spacious enough to comfortably hold 15 people doing yoga along with props, and it is decorated to encourage a peaceful and present practice. Props provided include: mats, cushions, blocks, straps, pillows and blankets. There are windows on each wall offering a view of the beautiful surroundings.

Dining Hall


Behind the studio is the kitchen and next to that is the dinning hall. The dining hall has two tables that hold 12 people each and acts as both the dinning and common area. The meals are delicious, nutritious, and freshly prepared vegetarian ayurvedic style. Every meal they offer seconds in heaping portions so there is no worry of going hungry. Along with the food, there is tea offered throughout the day and after every meal as well. This is also where you can find the filtered drinking water and warm water should you ever need it.

Outside gardens


Outside are beautifully manicured gardens with tables and chairs to enjoy the scenery, chats with friends, or a quiet moment to yourself. Sometimes if the weather permits, we have our classes outside.

Other Amenities

Next to the dining hall is the spa area, with a bathroom, sana, and room where the massages are taken. Students are offered 1 free massage during their training but can pay 800 RS for additional ones. Past this area is the neti pot drain, where you will gather every morning to enjoy laughs and the cleansing effect of passing warm salt water through your nose. In addition to the above, the house offers both the option of self service laundry and paying to have your laundry done.

Enjoy your stay!!!