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Policies of Nepal Yoga Retreat

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Nepal Yoga Retreat - Policy


  • To learn and practice authentic Yoga:
    Worldwide, yoga practitioners have become more quantitative than qualitative. Yoga has become a popular practice, generalized and commercialized distancing itself from its original values. These altered forms of yoga can be more harmful than fruitful. Teachers lacking extensive knowledge of yoga as described in the ancient traditional scripts can be misled and even be harmful to themselves and others. We believe in imparting students the proper knowledge of yoga. We strive to educate our students correct ways of practice and accurate tools to teach in a scientific, simple and reliable manner.
  • To identify one’s needs and physiology and to practice Yoga suitable for your body, mind and soul:
    Initially, we study the needs of your mind, body, soul, age group and follow techniques that are suitable for you personally. We provide simple and safe techniques of yogic learning. Our yoga practice is suitable for beginners to advanced students and tailored to your personal needs.
  • Nepal Yoga Retreat aims to teach :
  • Pure classical Yoga using ancient established principals for a modern age.
  • The symbiotic relationship between yoga & present day science.
  • Anatomy and physiology and incorporate it in all classes. (Course material provided.)
  • Structured lessons to allow each student to promote control of the body, mind and spirit.
  • About food and nutrition for Yogis, practitioners and modern yoga teachers
  • About Yogic routine and its benefits
  • Ayurveda with its remedies and practices.
  • Various techniques of teaching compatible for either individuals, or groups (large and small), to maintain consistent quality of instruction.

We strive to Answer all questions that arise in our students throughout their program, giving them the confidence to do the same when they teach their own students.

We encourage and motivate our students to be the best they can be through engaging lessons and lectures with an emphasis on deepening their understanding of Yoga. We strive to help students achieve their individual goal within the limitations of a group or predefined course.