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His Holiness Swami Kamalnayanacharya Shree Ji Maharaj


Muktinath BabaSwami Kamalnayanacharya Shree Ji Maharaj (born May 24, 1966) is a Hindu spiritual leader with his origin in Nepal. Swami Kamalnayanacharya, or "Swami" as his followers address him as, is an authority in promoting and conserving Vedic and Puranic (pertaining to the Hindu scriptures like Vedas and Puranas) sites of pilgrimage and retreats in the Hindu subcontinent of India and Nepal. He inspires a wide range of spiritual aspirants who revere Sri Muktinath from all over the world. He is widely appreciated by people of other faiths for his humanitarian work.

His Holiness is the supreme spiritual guru of Nepal Yoga Retreat and Muktinath Temple. He is the source of blessing and he is a resident benefactor. His house and main temple are located 100 metres from the retreat centre. We are indeed lucky to receive blessing, motivation and inspiration from him. 50% of the profits from the retreat centre goes to Swami-ji's charitable trust. In effect, you are becoming a contributor to charity by staying with us.

Charity work of Swami Ji and NYR:

"Swami Kamal Nayan Acharya, the phenomenal young Nepali "Sidhi or Yagya Purush" from Muktnath is also called "Akhanda Jyoti Baba" as he has performed important Yagyas in his young life. He is an intense patriot, wanting to reform society inside out with his prayers, counsels and sacrifices. He has been holding such important Yagyas all over Nepal, maintaining Gurukulums, Ved Vidyas-hrams, Medical Service Centers, including for the first time in Nepal, a Kanya Gurukulum.

He regularly conducts Dhanyachals, Mahasaptas, Vedic Summits, Sant Sammelans, Pancha Laxmi Poojans and such acts of social and religious benefit. He was instrumental in unearthing the Gajendra Moksha Triveni Dham in Nawalparasi district. Swami jeee's wish is to revive such important places of worship still undiscovered in the five religious sectors of Nepal."


Dr. Chintamani Gautam represents a peak of yogic knowledge and teaching in the Himalayan region.

Dr. Chintamani is a highly qualified & experienced yoga Guru with a nurturing & supportive approach. He has been involved with yoga and its teachings for over 15 years in both Nepal and India and has a depth of knowledge unsurpassed in the region. His credentials, include a Ph.D. (Doctorate) in yoga, a two years Master’s Degree in human consciousness and yogic science from Gurukul Kangri University in Haridwar, India., a two years Master’s Degree in Sanskrit literature from Sampurnananda Sanskrit University in Varanasi, India, a Diploma in yoga and naturopathy, a Diploma in massage therapy, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in Mantra chanting and Vedic Karmkand. He has studied extensively the ancient scriptures such as the Vedas, Upanishads, the Gita, the great six Eastern philosophies and many others ancient yogic scriptures with some of the top rated Sanskrit scholars and swamis in Nepal and India. In learning the traditional art of yoga and meditation he studied under the guidance of great Himalayan Gurus which inspired him to practice and he realize the root essence of yoga. Now, Dr. Chintamni's aim is spread traditional yoga from the ranges of the Himalaya (the origin of yoga) to the larger world.

Whilst learning the many aspects of yoga at our centre, Dr. Chintamani's wisdom and experience will inspire and guide your progress into your own deep practice of yoga (Sadhana).  His yoga classes are full of uplifting energy, fusing yogic and modern science knowledge with his genuine loving nature and sense of humor. His excellent communication skills and enthusiastic energy will harmonize you with the spirit of classical yoga here in the Himalayas.


Mohan Lamsal

The Promoters

Mr. Mohan Lamsal
Mr. Mohan Lamsal who has over 30 years experience in Nepal’s tourism industry, as travel agent and hotelier. He is currently serving as General Secretary at Nepal mountaineering Association NMA is one of the promoter of Nepal Yoga retreat. He is also board of trustee for Kiwanis international and involved in many social work.



Rajan SimkhadaMr. Rajan Simkhada
Mr. Rajan Simkhada - a vision young tourism entrepreneur has over 26 years of experience in tourism and runs many yoga treks, tours and retreats in Himalaya. A spiritually guided personality is the force behind creating Nepal as premier Yoga destination for the spiritual seekers around the world.