The Retreat Environment

Dense virgin Shreeban forest, Organic farm, jungle hiking (deer, birds and many other animals and plants) , 10kms to Nagarkot with Himalayan views. A perennial river is nearby for bathing and recreation. A 300 metre long cave for meditation and exploring.

The Nature of  Yoga Retreat:

The quality of the retreat and the surrounding beautiful valley is incomparable. A pristine environment with clean air and the sounds of nature always present.

The Nature of  Yoga Retreat:

This is the Asharm area of His Holiness Swami Kamalnayanacharya Shree Ji Maharaj - a Hindu spiritual leader with origins from Nepal.

The Yoga Retreat is an opportunity for one to relax and rest in the natural presence/awareness that they just are. The natural beauty of the virgin forests, flowing streams, and the majestic Himalayas provide the perfect atmosphere for exploring one’s spiritual energy.

The schedule, teaching and environment allow one to let go of the demands and details of daily life and to reconnect with and reveal their own deeper knowledge.    Yoga postures, breath awareness, restorative postures, meditation, silence, and free time in the natural world generally assist in this letting go.  As we let go of tension and the busy mind, a deeper knowing that is always present, reveals itself. 

This center provides the essence of yoga, meditation and retreat in general.
In coming here, you will experience improved health and well being under the guidance of Dr. Chintamani Gautam in a center where you will find, simple and wholesome organic food, Sanatam yoga, mantra singing, yoga philosophy explained and guided meditation.  It is a place that welcomes anyone seeking peace, quiet, solitude, healthy food, yoga training and instruction, piece of mind and inward perspective. It is not a social vacation hotspot or an entertainment center. Rather a place to calm the senses and to find ones own center. We try our best to suit everyone’s needs and be available and flexible in accommodating you, but we do ask one thing from our guest, come with an open mind and release all expectations. This is the one place in the world where you do not need to set standards and criteria, just be free, be true and, be yourself.